About Us

FALCON SEAT; It operates in the production and marketing of tractor driver seats in Samsun.

Our company, acting with the principle of being a reliable institution, keeps its service quality at the highest level in order to make this principle a corporate culture.

Our company; In order to provide the best service to customer expectations in the production and sales of driver seats and equipment, to respond to our customers in the most economical way with the quality and difference of "Falcon Seat" has been established.

Our products; They are marketed to many countries of the world besides our country, and they bear the justified pride and honor of our company.

Our company; In order to provide flawless service flow in production, it constantly follows and puts into practice innovations, and continues its production with determination and innovations in order to offer you alternative product varieties with new designs with the power it gets from you.

Within our product ring;

Tractor driver seats, forklift driver seats, construction equipment driver seats and seat spare materials and equipment are available.

Mision ;

To provide our customers with products and services related to our field of activity without compromising quality and ethical values, exceeding expectations every time.

Vision ;

It is the first institution that comes to mind and preferred with its expert staff and customer-oriented service understanding, providing added value to its customers and employees, reaching large masses with its quality products and services.